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Athens-Final Day

We had a later start this morning! Peggy surprised us with a trip to the shore where Paul came to Athens to start off our morning. We then traveled back towards the Acropolis and Mars Hill and held our service overlooking the city and the site of the beginning of democracy as we know it today. We had readings from Acts 17:16-34 and had remarks from Doctor Danny. We were reminded that at the conclusion of his speech, Paul departed for Corinth.

Danny reminded us that we are to be faithful witnesses and to learn from Paul as he was a faithful witness in a pluralistic society. We must present the Bible in a context that speaks to the receivers and remember to take time to observe first; initiate conversations with grace; and then present the gospel with contextual sensitivity. Lest we not forget that we are called to be witnesses.

We then had the opportunity to walk around Athens and visited the tomb of the unknown soldier and changing of the guard. Concluded the day with some shopping and farewells and a happy birthday to Emily (my favorite sister- at least for today!)

What an amazing adventure this week has been. One of our travelers said it best…many of us did not even know each other before we started, but it feels like we have all become family. Blessings to all and safe travels home!

Ο Θεός να είναι μαζί σας

O Theós na eínai mazí sas

God be with you

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