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Mykonos-Day Five

Started the day off with a wonderful breakfast at the Elektra hotel and then met our new guide Maria that would journey with us the entire time we are on the Celestyal Discovery Cruise. We loaded the ship, had lunch, and Candy and I booked a spa appointment with hot stone massage (much needed after all the walking!), facial, and foot and ankle massage. I left there almost forgetting the back pain I have been in for the past few weeks.

Side note-in all our travels, I am always amazed at the sacrifice that others make to provide for their families. Many on this ship contract with the government and come work for 8-9 months away from their families to provide for them. They return for three-four months only to come back again and spend the majority of the time on the ship with very few opportunities to go on land. Makes me even more grateful that I can not only have one job, but multiple to provide for my family while still seeing them everyday.

For our afternoon excursion, we traveled into Mykonos and had a nice stroll on the island looking at the windmills as well as the shops. We held a small service reading Jeremiah 29:11-14; Luke 18:18-26 and Malachi 1:11. Tomorrow we head to Turkey (celebrating its 101st year of existence).

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