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On to Fontana

We survived the climb out of the NOC. It was the hardest yet. And Uncle Steddy (in the header pic - putting on some KT tape) hung the whole day. 10 miles in 9 1/2 hours - 7 hours of it all uphill. Found a nice little camp in Locust Cove Gap.

A word about the other hikers we share this amazing trail with. In one day, I hiked with a pair of Amish cousins (guy and girl), a Japanese man hiking in traditional Japanese clothing, a blind lady and her dog (Shades and Blaze), a Londoner and a sweet old German lady. Plus a dozen more adventures. Never is a cross word spoken and each of us would give our last swallow of water to another if they really needed it.

On Sunday, we put in a tough 11 1/2 miles to be positioned to get into Fontana Dam for a much needed zero day. Monday (eclipse day) we made it to a classic AT milestone - the Fontana Dam. The dam is over 440' high and was built to support the war effort.

We're staying at the Fontana Village Resort - one of many resorts/hostels along the way. Each has its own atmosphere and style. This one is mountain cabin sheik - sheik because everything is slightly overpriced. But, it sure is nice to have a bed and shower and town food. And, if you focus your spending you can get out with your shirt. But it's gonna cost you to wash it. The trail stops are known to milk you a little for laundry. Like 6 - 7 bucks a load.

Steddy has taken a shuttle back to NOC and it's just me and Cornbread again. We watched the eclipse while we waited for our room to be ready.

A word about shuttles. Its a cottage industry around trail towns and road crossings. Kind of the original Uber. Folks that live nearby drive hikers (for a few of course) to their lodging, the store or the next trail head. Again - a little pricey - but how much would you charge to drive around 3 wet, smelly hikers with all of their gear. Besides hitch-hiking there is no alternative.

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Makeda Tiye Young
Makeda Tiye Young
Apr 12

Wow! You are awesome


Timothy Forrest
Timothy Forrest
Apr 10

Great job Rob! Glad Eric made it! Keep it up!

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