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On to Greece- Day One

Arrived in Munich after a little over a 9 hour flight. Smooth flight with a little bit of turbulence, watched Oppenheimer and a couple of kayaking and climbing shows. Candy and I managed to change seats and sit next to each other. We have a 6-7 hour layover before we fly to Thessaloniki Greece. Tonight is orientation to the city, meeting our tour guide, and getting settled in.

We met our tour guide once we landed in Greece. Overall, our flight from Munich to Greece was quiet….I think I officially slept less than 4 hours total between the trip to Germany and then to Greece (thank you OurA ring for keeping me honest!) Only one lost bag (Jean that Rob and I met when we traveled to Israel) and it looks like she will be able to get her bag later tonight or early tomorrow morning. That works out great since we are staying at the same hotel for two days. We immediately came back to the hotel traveling through the Northeast of the city and were able to see some of the city as the sun started to set…not a bad first night in Greece. Lots of graffiti and signs of city life, but as we neared our hotel that backs right on the Gulf of Thermai you cannot help but see the beauty of this city.

We settled in and had a wonderful buffet dinner at 8pm. I think my favorite was the chicken thighs….well, the three amazing dessert options were a close second (first)! Highly recommend the Makedonia Palace if ever in the area!

Looking forward to 6 am wake up tomorrow, 7 am breakfast, and our 8 am departure to Phillipi. Time for bed!

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