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Philippi-Day Two

We started this morning with a 6 am wake up call, even though it wasn’t needed! I had an amazing breakfast at the hotel at 7 am and then boarded the bus at 8 am to head towards Philippi and Kavala. Our first destination was where Paul first came into Greece near Philippi and went down to the river where he met Lydia (Acts 16:6-15). She was the first person he baptized in Greece. She then opened her home to him. She was a dealer of purple (purple dye from a special conch) and not only came to believe in Jesus Christ, but also helped Paul spread the word. We had a service near the water where Jim shared the beginning of Christianity as we know it and then went inside the Church of Lydia with beautiful architecture (circular in the center) with mosaics and beautiful artwork (Phillipians 2:1-11). Candy and I lit a candle in memory of Kim and Titi Luisa before we departed for our next stop after singing Amazing Grace in the church. We were able to do this in tribute and memory to the tragic loss of the our federal, department of corrections, and police officer lost in Charlotte due to a tragic shooting. I pray they heard us in heaven and find comfort in knowing that their families will not be alone-that they will not only have the support and comfort of our community greater than they could imagine, but that God is with them and will continue to be with them.

We then moved toward the ruins in Philippi where we were able to see the market, the court, and where Paul was imprisoned and lashed before he was later released when it was discovered he was a Roman citizen. We shared in the wonder of knowing that this is where the earthquake occurred when Paul and his fellow prisoners stayed thereby saving the life of the guard. To know we were walking where Paul walked, to see the sites and archaeology support what is written…there are no words.

We had a wonderful lunch on site (I ate grape leaves) and then we continued on our way to see an Ottoman aqueduct in Kavala as well as Beautiful church with original limestone blocks at its forefront.

Tomorrow we head to Veria and Kalambaka!

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