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Zero day in Blaresville, GA

A zero day is where you wake up in town, spend the whole day there and spend that night. A Nero (near zero) is where you spend just one night in town.

We did a full zero to resupply and recover a little. Page showed up in the am with a full Waffle House spread. So we gorged again.

Gavin (aka Barney Rubble) grilled some burgers for supper and we hit the rack early to rest up for another 4 day leg to Hiawasee, GA.

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Wow Rob! This all sounds fantastic. I am praying for you on daily. I have a looonnggg list of things I'm praying for on your behalf....miracles.....divine appointments....lasting friendships....renewed vision, etc.


Donnie Mote
Donnie Mote

Good morning Rob,

As you start the day, keep this in mind:

“Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change”

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